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The future is bright, and the Minecraft 1.20 Server List will be packed with exciting surprises, innovations, and challenges! Prepare yourself for an incredible experience as the developers continue to push Minecraft's boundaries. Keep an eye on this space for more information on the 1.20 update.
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Minecraft 1.20 Servers List

Rank Server Votes
Lifesteal SMP


Players: 82/999

Lifesteal SMP is a Minecraft server with a unique twist, players can steal each others health! Can you Survive?



Players: 56/500

Twenture is the first Earth, OneBlock, LifeSteal and Survival Server set in version 1.20 supporting all Bedrock Devices and Java. Get ready to make memories that you will never forget and play on one of the fastest growing SMP's in the world!

Medieval Unlimited

Players: 3/30

Realsitic themed Medieval Minecraft gameplay featuring tons of new content and gameplay enhancments.

Red Queen Gaming


Players: 0/50

Red Queen Gaming Community - Survival - Crates - Ranks - And More



Players: 2/200

We run custom plugins and focus on building a strong community!

Nexus Minecraft

Players: 0/200

[1.9 - 1.20.2] Nexus Minecraft - Top SG/MY server in South-East Asia!

oak town
oak town

Players: 0/20

minecraft server with no rules except for cheating

Floral mc
Floral mc

Players: 0/20

Floral MC! A Crossplay server with a unique take on vanilla+ Hop on and join the fun with our friendly community!



Players: 0/100

1.20.2 Towny Slimefun Survival

Advancius Network 🌟FREE RANKS🌟


Players: 106/300

🌟 JOIN FOR A FREE RANK 🌟Tired of pay-to-win servers? Check out our 100+ FREE ranks on our 20+ gamemodes including: Factions, Prison, Skyblock, Survival, Heroes, Creative Plots, Parkour, KitPvP, and many custom Minigames 🌟 Bedrock version PORT: 19132 🌟

Anarchy server
Anarchy server

Players: 0/100

build, hack have commands



Players: 1/100

A whitelisted free to play safe space to come play Minecraft and make new friends.


Players: 4/45

CalCraft Survival Economy Server

Death Maul

Players: 0/40

This server features a custom gamemode with one main character that must survive in a world of mobs and monsters that are possessed by other players!

End Portal Frame
End Portal Frame


Players: 0/25

💜 The simple vanilla server. Just play here :3



Players: 0/0

Evergaol is a semi vanilla minecraft server, it has features like vein miner, tree feller, grief prevention and more!


Players: 0/40


Haunted Hollows


Players: 0/100

Haunted Hollows is an MMO-like Minecraft Survival server featuring various new items, craftables, and ores, as well as exciting PvE challenges. Come join the Haunted Hollows SMP server now to experience encounters with never-before-seen mobs and difficult bosses within this hauntingly thrilling and

IllusiveMC Survival (1.20)


Players: 19/75

IllusiveMC is a Non-Vanilla Minecraft SMP Server. Our Server has features like mcMMO, Voting Crates, VeinMiner, RTP, Silk-Touchable Spawners, Clans, Player Shops, Land Claims, Supply Drops and so much more!

Kruz Survival


Players: 0/150




Players: 0/20

A great mostly vanilla anarchy server!



Players: 2/1000

Minehub | Skyblock, Earth Survival, PvP


Players: 0/10

Just a small server that is open to everyone. Version 1.20.1 If you are interested in the plugins the server has. Here they are "Plugins (12): SimpleTpa, LuckPerms, EasyWarp, TreeFeller, floodgate, Vault, UltimateHomes, GriefPrevention, SimLevelSkills, DeathChest, ChestShop, XConomy"

Nekonečný příběh

Players: 1/30

Svět magického dobrodružství

New Lands Survival
New Lands Survival


Players: 2/50

New Lands Survival is a 1.20.1 public survival server with a relaxing vibe, friendly community, and hard difficulty survival!



Players: 0/100

Minecraft Survival Slimefun


What is a Minecraft 1.20 Server?

A Minecraft 1.20 server is a multiplayer server running the latest version of Minecraft, version 1.20. This update brings a plethora of new features, blocks, items, and mobs, making the gameplay experience richer and more engaging than ever before. Joining a Minecraft 1.20 server allows players to explore the new update with friends or other players within a community-run environment.

How to Join a Minecraft 1.20 Server

  1. Ensure you have the latest version of Minecraft installed on your device. If not, update it to version 1.20.
  2. Launch Minecraft and select the "Multiplayer" option from the main menu.
  3. Click the "Add Server" button and provide a server name, IP address, and port number.
  4. The IP address and port number of the server can be found on the server list website or provided to you by the server administrator.
  5. Press "Done" and the server will be added to your server list.
  6. Lastly, select the server, and click "Join Server" to begin your adventure on a Minecraft 1.20 server.

Top Features of Minecraft 1.20 Servers

Some of the top features of Minecraft 1.20 servers include:

  • Cherry Blossom Biome: A stunning new biome filled with cherry blossom trees and pink foliage.
  • New Mobs: Including the Sniffer and Camel, enriching the in-game fauna and adding new gameplay options.
  • Archaeology System: Players can now explore and collect artifacts, pottery shards, and create ancient decorated pots.
  • Armor Customization: Customize your armor pieces with different trims and colors, allowing for more personalized aesthetics.
  • Bamboo Wood and Rafts: A new wood type and the ability to craft rafts for water travel.
  • Banner Shields: Apply banners to your shields for custom designs and team identification.

Popular Minecraft 1.20 Server Types

Some popular Minecraft 1.20 server types include:

  • Survival Servers: Players collaborate to survive in the world, gathering resources and building structures.
  • Faction Servers: Players join teams, or factions, competing against each other and forming alliances within the server.
  • Mini-Game Servers: Servers that feature mini-games, such as Parkour, Skyblock, and Hunger Games.
  • Creative Servers: Players are given free rein to build and create without worrying about resources or survival aspects.
  • Modded Servers: Servers featuring custom modifications that tailor the gameplay experience to specific themes or styles.

Version Update Change Log: Minecraft 1.20

The Minecraft 1.20 update brings several notable changes, including:

  • Introduction of the Cherry Blossom biome and related blocks
  • New mobs, such as the Sniffer and Camel
  • An archaeology system for excavating interesting artifacts and remains
  • Armor customization with trims and colors
  • Introduction of bamboo wood, rafts, and other related items
  • Improvements to creative inventory organization
  • Banner shields for personalized combat items

Minecraft Wiki: Learn More About the Game

If you're interested in learning more about Minecraft, including the latest updates, features, and community-created content, visit the official Minecraft Wiki.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How can I create my own Minecraft 1.20 server?

To create your own Minecraft 1.20 server, follow the official guide provided by Mojang, or use a third-party server hosting service to simplify the setup process.

Are Minecraft 1.20 servers compatible with older versions?

Generally, Minecraft 1.20 servers are not compatible with older versions, as the newer updates include features and blocks that may not be available in previous versions. However, some server owners may use plugins or mods to allow cross-version compatibility.

What are the hardware requirements for Minecraft 1.20 servers?

The hardware requirements for a Minecraft 1.20 server may vary depending on factors such as the number of players and installed plugins or mods. As a general rule, at least 2 GB of RAM and a capable processor are recommended for a small Minecraft server.

Where can I find the official patch notes for Minecraft updates?

Official patch notes for Minecraft updates can be found on the official Minecraft website, as well as on the Minecraft Wiki.

Tips for Enjoying Minecraft 1.20 Servers

To make the most of your experience on a Minecraft 1.20 server, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Stay updated on new features: Familiarize yourself with the new content in the 1.20 update, so you know what to expect and how to utilize the new items and blocks.
  • Join server communities: Engage with others on the server through in-game chat, forums, or Discord channels to make friends, ask for advice, or organize cooperative projects.
  • Respect server rules: Adhere to the server's guidelines and be respectful to other players to ensure a positive environment for everyone.
  • Experiment with server types: Try various server types, such as survival, factions, mini-games, or creative servers, to find the ideal gameplay style for you.
  • Backup your creations: Ensure your favorite creations are backed up or shared to avoid potential loss due to server issues or updates.

How to Report Issues on Minecraft 1.20 Servers

If you encounter issues while playing on a Minecraft 1.20 server, such as technical problems, abuse, or griefing, follow these steps:

  1. Contact the server administrators or moderators through the server's designated communication channels, such as chat, forums, or Discord.
  2. Provide a detailed description of the issue and any evidence, such as screenshots or video recordings, to support your claim.
  3. Follow the procedures laid out by the server team to address the issue and collaborate with them to resolve it.

Setting up Your Minecraft 1.20 Server

Setting up your own Minecraft 1.20 server allows you to customize your gameplay experience and invite others to join your world. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Install the server software for Minecraft 1.20 from the official Minecraft website.
  2. Configure the server properties and settings according to your preferences, such as game mode, difficulty, and world generation.
  3. Forward the required ports on your router and ensure your firewall allows incoming connections to the server.
  4. Start the server and share the IP address with friends or other players to invite them to your Minecraft 1.20 server.

Note that running a server may require dedicated hardware and a solid internet connection to ensure a smooth experience for all players.

Best Plugins for Minecraft 1.20 Servers

Plugins enhance your Minecraft 1.20 server by adding new features, improving performance, and ensuring a better experience for players. Some popular plugins to consider include:

  • EssentialsX: A suite of essential tools and features for server management, including teleportation, economy, and player management.
  • WorldEdit: Allows for easy in-game editing of the world through various commands and tools.
  • LuckPerms: Provides a comprehensive and flexible permissions system for managing player access and privileges.
  • WorldGuard: Protects specific areas of your server from griefing, vandalism, or other unwanted activity.
  • Vault: Offers a stable and secure economy system with support for various economy plugins.

How to Optimize Your Minecraft 1.20 Server

To improve the performance and stability of your Minecraft 1.20 server, follow these optimization tips:

  • Allocate sufficient RAM and processing power for the number of players and plugins on the server.
  • Use performance-enhancing plugins, such as Timings or PaperMC, to identify and resolve lag issues.
  • Regularly backup and clean up the world files to reduce storage size and improve load times.
  • Disable or limit resource-intensive features, such as redstone clocks or large mob farms, in the server settings or with plugins.
  • Ensure that both the server software and plugins are updated to the latest compatible version for improved performance and security.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ideal player capacity for a Minecraft 1.20 server?

The optimal player capacity for a Minecraft 1.20 server depends on multiple factors, such as server hardware, plugin usage, and world settings. Generally, a server with 2 GB of RAM can support around 10 to 20 players, with larger servers requiring more resources to accommodate additional players.

How can I make my Minecraft 1.20 server more secure?

To enhance the security of your Minecraft 1.20 server:

  • Use strong, unique passwords for server administrator and moderator accounts.
  • Implement a whitelist to control who can join your server.
  • Install security plugins, such as GriefPrevention or LogBlock, to prevent vandalism, theft, or other malicious behavior.
  • Regularly update server software and plugins to ensure the latest security patches are applied.
  • Consider using a VPN or proxy service to protect your server IP address.

Can I use mods on a Minecraft 1.20 server?

Yes, you can use mods on a Minecraft 1.20 server by installing a compatible server software, such as Sponge or Forge, and adding your desired mods to the server folder. Be aware that all players on the server will need to have these mods installed on their clients to join and enjoy the modded content.

What is the best server hosting provider for a Minecraft 1.20 server?

The ideal server hosting provider for a Minecraft 1.20 server depends on factors such as reliability, performance, pricing, and support. Research several providers, read user reviews, and compare pricing plans to determine the best fit for your needs.

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