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Immerse yourself in the incredible Minecraft 1.15 Servers. Rediscover the bustling Buzzy Bees update, which brought adorable bees, honey, and beehives to the game. Channel your inner beekeeper and explore our selected Minecraft 1.15 servers, ripe for adventure!
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Rank Server Votes
Lifesteal SMP


Players: 82/999

Lifesteal SMP is a Minecraft server with a unique twist, players can steal each others health! Can you Survive?

Vital MC


Players: 2/500


Potato Servers


Players: 2/100

A Java edition only Minecraft server That has bedwars practice, Factions, bedwars, This server is still WIP



Players: 0/50

⭐ Mini-Jeux exclusifs ⭐ ● Grades achetable en jeu ● Staff Actif ●


What is a Minecraft 1.15 Server?

Minecraft 1.15, also known as the Buzzy Bees update, is a major update to the game that brought various new features, game mechanics, and enhancements to Minecraft. A Minecraft 1.15 server is a dedicated online platform that allows players to enjoy these features together in a multiplayer environment.

Features of Minecraft 1.15

  • Bees: A new mob that collects pollen from flowers and creates honey in beehives.
  • Honey blocks and Honeycomb blocks: New crafting materials derived from bees and their hives.
  • Beehives and Bee Nests: Homes for bees that generate honey.
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements: 1.15 introduces numerous fixes and optimizations that enhance the gameplay experience.

These new features add an extra layer of depth to Minecraft, providing more opportunities for creativity, exploration, and adventure for players on a 1.15 server.

Why Choose a Minecraft 1.15 Server?

There are several reasons for choosing a Minecraft 1.15 server over other versions:

  • Compatibility: Players using the 1.15 version of the game can easily join these servers without worrying about version discrepancies.
  • New Content: 1.15 servers offer the Buzzy Bees update content, giving players access to new mobs, blocks, and items.
  • Optimized Gameplay: The 1.15 update is known for its improved performance and bug fixes, making for a smoother experience.
  • Active Community: Many players seek out servers with specific updates or features, creating an engaged and diverse community on 1.15 servers.

How to Join a Minecraft 1.15 Server

To join a Minecraft 1.15 server, you'll need to have a copy of the 1.15 version of the game and follow these simple steps:

Finding the Right Server

With a plethora of Minecraft 1.15 servers available, you'll need to find the right one for your preferences and playstyle. Here's how:

  1. Browse through server listings on websites specializing in Minecraft server lists. These sites often provide detailed information about server features, rules, and player base.
  2. Look for server ratings and reviews. These can give you a sense of the server's quality and the community's satisfaction.
  3. Narrow down your choices based on the type of server you're interested in, such as Survival, Creative, Mini-Games, or Modded servers.
  4. Join server forums, social media pages, or Discord channels to get a feel for the community and its atmosphere.

Connecting to the Server

Once you've found a 1.15 server that suits your preferences, follow these steps to connect:

  1. Launch the Minecraft client and make sure it's running the 1.15 version.
  2. Click on the “Multiplayer” button from the main menu, and then click on “Add Server.”
  3. In the “Server Name” field, enter a desired name for the server. In the “Server Address” field, input the server IP or hostname provided by the server listing.
  4. Click on “Done,” and the server should now appear in your server list. Double-click on the server to connect and join the game.

Different Types of Minecraft 1.15 Servers

Minecraft 1.15 servers come in various types, each offering a unique gameplay experience. Some popular server types include:

Survival Servers

Survival servers focus on the core Minecraft gameplay - gathering resources, crafting items, and exploring the world. Players must work together or compete against each other to survive in a challenging environment, often featuring custom maps and unique events.

Creative Servers

Creative servers give players access to unlimited resources and the ability to fly, allowing for unrestricted building and exploration. These servers often feature plot systems, where players can claim a section of land to build on, and may host building competitions or other creative events.

Mini-Games Servers

Mini-Games servers offer a diverse selection of fun and engaging game modes for players to enjoy. Examples of popular mini-games include SkyWars, BedWars, Parkour Challenges, PvP Arenas, and more. These servers often have custom plugins and game mechanics that enhance the competitive experience.

Modded Servers

Modded servers feature custom modifications to Minecraft's core gameplay, introducing new items, blocks, creatures, or game mechanics. These servers often require players to install specific mods or modpacks before joining and can provide a fresh and unique experience for veterans and newcomers alike.

Tips on Choosing a Minecraft 1.15 Server

Finding the perfect Minecraft 1.15 server may seem challenging, but keeping these factors in mind can help streamline the process:

Check Server Stability and Uptime

Choose servers with a solid uptime record and minimal lag. Reputable server lists often provide this information, allowing players to make informed decisions about a server's reliability.

Look for Helpful Resources and Support

Effective support, such as active staff, responsive forums, or community Discord channels, can significantly improve your gameplay experience. Make sure the server you join has resources in place to help you overcome potential issues.

Decide Based on Game Styles and Server Types

Consider the type of gameplay experience you're looking for in a server, be it Survival, Creative, Mini-Games, or Modded. Research different server options to find one that matches your preferred playstyle and offers the game modes and features you enjoy.

Minecraft 1.15 Wiki

For more information on Minecraft 1.15, its features, and mechanics, visit the official Minecraft 1.15 Wiki at Fandom. This helpful resource contains in-depth knowledge about the Buzzy Bees update and can be beneficial to both new and experienced players.


What is the difference between a 1.15 server and other versions?

A 1.15 server runs the specific Buzzy Bees update, while other version servers run different updates. This influences the available features, game mechanics, and bug fixes, as well as the version compatibility for players joining the server.

Can I play on a 1.15 server with a different game version?

In most cases, you'll need to have the 1.15 version of Minecraft to play on a 1.15 server. However, some servers may have plugins that allow for cross-version compatibility, enabling players with different game versions to join. Be sure to check the server rules and requirements before trying to join with a different version.

How do I find the best Minecraft 1.15 server for me?

Research server listings, read reviews, and participate in community forums or chats to gather information about potential servers. Consider factors such as server stability, game styles, and server community when making your choice.

Are there any free 1.15 servers?

Many Minecraft 1.15 servers are free to join and play, with server owners covering the hosting costs. Some servers may offer optional in-game purchases or subscription plans to help cover expenses, but the core gameplay experience is usually available for free.

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