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Conans journey continues into the harsh open world of the Exiled Lands. Cursed by an enigmatic serpent bracelet, you cannot escape past the massive Cursewall that surrounds the Exiled Lands, less the curse of the bracelet activate and end you. You must find a way to survive in these lands, and build up your kingdom to dominate your enemies in both single and multiplayer worlds.

There are multiple features you’ll want to look out for when choosing a hosting provider. Some of these might be an installation of mods, map changing, server location change, and many more.

Most server hosting control panels will allow you to change your map easily, however, some might not, that’s why Survival Servers has been voted our best Conan Exiles server hosting. Changing maps manually can be tricky and complicated meaning you’ll need to contact support and go through a lengthy process.

Another point is mod management and support, mod packs like Oxide work for Conan: Exiles and is very fun once installed and can help you manage your server.

Console management, some hosts allow you to switch your server to Xbox as well as on PC, this is a feature you might want to look out for if you play on both.


1. ServerBlend

I have worked with many hosting providers in the past, and performance and support rank at the top of my list of requirements. In both cases, ServerBlend has delivered! We currently host 2 Conan Exiles servers with ServerBlend, and both have performed well, even with the high demands of 70 slot Conan servers. The customer service has been prompt and helpful. Response times are rarely longer than 15-20 minutes.


2. Conan Exiles – PVE-Conflict

PvE Conflict is a Multiplayer server type that has some PvP elements. If you dont like PvP at all, but what to play with other people, then you want a PvE server. If you want to play solo in a single-player environment, you can. There are two primary ways of playing the game. Either through Multiplayer, where you can choose to play PvE, PvE-Conflict (some PvP), or PvP.

The other is to simply select Single Player. You dont run off of a "server" like you would with multiplayer, just off your computer. The whole world is yours to do as you wish. You can add player made modifications if you wanted to, or play the game as it was designed by the developers.



New role-playing server with Age of Calamitous and its own evolutionary game concept. Root server with high performance and fast connection to the Internet! You will be put in the shoes of a recently exiled barbarian, who was just saved from certain death by none other than Conan himself. You are then given the sole task of survival, which would seem relatively self-explanatory, one would think.


4. The Refuge

The refuge is a roleplay server (from 18 years), so RP is our top priority, both for beginners and experienced. There is a lot to discover in addition to the RP, in addition, we made sure that nobody gets bored outside of the standard game.


5. The Exiled Land

A caravan/warps system that makes many points directly accessible on the server. Some have to be unlocked permanently. Our fashion selection is focused on the role play, there are many chic decorative items and extended building sets to let off steam. Spread around the world you can sometimes find houses that are uninhabited by a stroke of fate. At these houses, you will learn a little story around and you could take it over if necessary, but after a while, they disintegrate if they remain uninhabited. Discord is mandatory, there you will find all information and rules. You wont experience interviews etc, with us. Everyone is welcome who is at least 18 years old. Just have a look, we are happy about growth. You wont experience interviews etc. with us. Everyone is welcome who is at least 18 years old.

To Wrap Up

Deviating from Age of Conan’s straight low fantasy RPG formula may prove to be disastrous for Funcom, but maybe dragging Conan kicking and cursing Crom to the modern era of PC gaming via the survival sandbox route is the wise option. Hopefully more information will come soon, and we can get a clearer idea of what to expect.