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Rust is an action-packed online multiplayer-only survival game that was first released in 2013. It's heavily inspired by Minecraft and borrows most of its survival elements from Minecraft. It was initially envisioned as a clone of DayZ. Still, since its initial release, Rust has added many new features that set it apart.

The game has garnered a lot of attention over the years and, at this point, can be played on Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4, and the X box One. 

After its initial release in 2013, Rust underwent many changes as it was only a pre-release. The developers at Face Punch were hard at work trying to make the best survival game possible. While they were developing the game's PC version, Double Eleven were working on the console version. 

Rust saw a full release in 2018 and has been popular since then.

Rust Wiki Guide

The game's objective is to survive in the wilderness, craft new weapons, and build structures to help you survive. The map is procedurally generated, so you’ll always land in a new world, as Rust has no defining structures on the map. This is an intended feature as the developers of Rust wanted the players to use their imagination and build their own structures on the map, an idea that Minecraft popularized.

And they were right to do so; the players used the tools given to them to build some nice-looking structures.

Throughout the pre-release phase, the reviews were always positive as the critics gave the developers leeway as the game wans’t complete yet. But after the release in 2018, the reviews started to sway towards the negative. The main complaint many have is the constant grind that you partake in; it is tough for new players to get started on a new server.


Rust is an open-world multiplayer-only game, so you’ll have to face a lot of players; some servers might have up to 400 players at a time!

You are given a skin randomly generated for you taking your steam id into consideration. Once you start a game, you’re randomly thrown onto a random location on the map, bare naked with a torch and a rock in your hand. Like Minecraft, you can mine your stuff with your stone and craft things to mine even better stuff.

Loot is scattered across the world, and you can get better loot in places that are less accessible, like the radiation zones example, which require you to wear unique clothes. This is one of the complaints players have had in the game. If you don’t get a good enough spawn at the start, you can’t access better loot, and you’re stuck playing a bow or a rock while others progress just because they got lucky.

As you progress through the game, you’ll be able to craft better items and build better. But eventually, you’ll come across things that are really hard to craft as the parts ended are scattered across the maps, and some even require specific blueprints to craft!

Rust got rid of the traditional danger the player had in such games, i.e., the zombies, and replaced them with rabid wolves and bears, but these creatures aren’t any less dangerous, lose your attention for a second, and the next, you know all yoru progress went down the drain because you got mauled by a wolf.

But even though these creatures are dangerous in the early parts, this one creature will surely kill you even when you’re well-equipped, and that’s the other player. In Rust, every layer is left to fend for himself, you can try making friends when playing, but most of the time, you’ll be killed or get a nasty comment.

If this wasn’t tough enough, the player also forces the payer to take care of its avatar in-game, with has to be fed to stay alive. Apart from starvation, the player can also die from hypothermia, radiation, drowning, and wildlife attacks.

The game isn’t the best in PvP combat, but the players make do with what they get. There are some vehicles scattered across the map. But vehicles controlled by NPCs also go around killing armed players.

If surviving alone is just too overwhelming, you can always join clans or make your own clan with your friends. Although make sure you trust the people you make a clan with because, in the end, the game is PvP, who knows, the clan might just loot you!


The Rust community has always been in the spotlight for good reasons. As payers can talk to each other, you can expect nasty gamer rage. So short bursts of Homophobia and racism have been prevalent in the game. But such is the nature of the game, and almost every multiplayer game is plagued with some bad apples.

The devs at Rust have taken drastic measures to curb this problem, and over the years, the community has grown mature and is way better than it used to be.


PvP is an integral part of Rust, so it is essential to have a ton of weapons, and fortunately, Rust has just that.

Rockets, Grenades, machine guns, assault rifles. Machetes, nail guns, and bows are just some of the many weapons Rust allows the payers to use in-game. Here’s a list of every weapon available in the game - 

  • Assault Rifle 

  • Beancan Grenade

  • Bone Club

  • Bone Knife

  • Chainsaw

  • Compound Bow

  • Crossbow

  • Custom SMG

  • Eoka Pistol

  • F1 Grenade

  • Flashlight

  • Hatchet

  • High-Velocity Rocket

  • Hunting Bow

  • L96 Sniper

  • Longsword

  • L3-300Assault Rifle

  • M249

  • M92 Pistol

  • Mace

  • Machete

  • MP5A4

  • Nail Gun

  • Pickaxe

  • Pump Shotgun

  • Python Revolver

  • Revolver

  • Rock

  • Rocket

  • Rocket Launcher

  • Salvaged Axe

  • Salvaged Hammer

  • Salvaged Ice Spike

  • Salvaged Sword 

  • Satchel Charge

  • Semi-Automatic Pistol

  • Semi Automatic Rifle

  • Sheet Metal Door

  • Spas 12

  • Spear

  • Stone Hatchet

  • Stone Pickaxe

  • Stone Spear

  • Thompson

  • Torch

  • Uber Hatchet

  • Waterpipe Shotgun

  • Weapon

  • Wooden Spear

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