Top Dedicated Rust Servers

If you’re one of the millions of gamers around the world who play Rust, a dedicated server is definitely worth looking into for an improved gaming experience and possibly better gaming performance as well. These servers are located in some of the best data centers around the world with world-class network connections that have very little latency at all.

Top Rust Dedicated Servers

In the list below, we’ve compiled a few of the top Rust servers. Take advantage of the free test and see which one is right for you (the full list can be found at the end).


1. Slayers Rust

Climb New York skyscrapers, and defeat raid bosses/AI/Zombies in Custom Monument puzzles around the map. Build-able Dome and dozens of more custom monuments to explore.

The server has 1000x gathering and weekly Wipes Friday at 3 PM EST. We are perfectly mudded and have a fine balance of many Paid Plugins with everything you might need. Active non-playing admins are available 24/7.

Very active, friendly, and helpful community including non-playing owners & staff members with a dedicated developer on Staff. Reward store with many Rare Role-play goodies that were balanced carefully and have NO explosives for purchase.

You get currency from killing AI/zombies/players. Custom Monuments New York City, Alcatraz with Bradley, Halo Master-Chief inspired Tank Monument, Nuclear Submarine, Hoover Dam, 007 Spy Mission + many more. All Custom Monuments include dozens of AI with different difficulties.

2. The Rusty Swarm

Welcome to the Rusty Swarm! A community of gamers, created by gamers, for gamers who enjoy a non-toxic and relaxed environment. Come join in on the fun! We have all kinds of customization done to the server!

Ridable bases that give AMAZING loot! PvP Zones (Monuments and other areas), 20k Stack Size is for baby servers! We have a TWO MILLION max stack size, for the REAL players!

 Increased drop rates for EVERYTHING! Backpacks, custom loot, Kits to help you get started, AND A WHOLE LOT MORE! Perfect for Solo, Duo, Trio, and even Quads!


3. Vanilla Server Rust

Vanilla means that if you lick the screen while playing in a "Vanilla" server then you will taste it. See it as an extra bonus. Server admins go to incredible lengths to get people on their servers. Vanilla is supposed to mean default server settings, and without mods or plugins; however, there are a lot of servers that claim to be vanilla but actually have gathering boosts and even give you items for paying money.


4. VoidFactions 3x

Welcome to VoidFactions, a noob-friendly and mature server run on quality hardware. The server is self-hosted, we are here to stay! Trio Max!! NO KOS (except for monuments, drops, rigs, cargo and raids of course). You KOS you get banned. 2x Gather NO VIP (pay $ to win) BS.

NO vulgarity, racism, or any radical stuff. Keep it inside your base if you can’t help yourself. BPs wipe bi-monthly Map wipes monthly on the first forced update. VoidFactions rust server is a new 3x gather server. Other than increased stack sizes and increased gather rates, the rest of the game remains vanilla.

5. THC Rusty x3

Extra rules may apply to specific servers. In-Game Chat The use of racist, sexist, or other offensive languages can and will result in a mute or ban. Only English language in the chat. Use /pm or /c for other languages with your teammates. Also do not talk about hackers or cheaters.

Report them through a /ticket or use our Discord. And, of course, show respect. To players, our servers, and staff. No cheating/hacking No cheating or hacker. This means the use of a third-party program to gain an advantage in the game. You will be banned. Making use of a (known) glitch is also not allowed. Advertising cheating communities may also result in a ban.

What Makes A Great Rust Server?

There are several factors to look for when joining a Rust Server. The general rule of thumb is that your server should be well populated, always up to date, have interesting PVP content and have a fair ruleset. You also want to look for servers that will give you the best XP/hour rate grind you can get.

Wiped Rust Servers

How often does it wipe? Wipes are an integral part of any good Rust Server. A good rust server will wipe once per month if not more often. This is because Wipes ensure that the server remains fresh and new, with players starting back at square one; they also help to balance out any unbalanced or overpowered items or groups that have amassed on the map.

Modded Rust Servers

Does it have a Mod? You may find some servers with a list of mods that make the server more RP-oriented or ocean base only servers. Most rust servers have a number of slightly different mod lists available to choose from, often based around a theme such as trading, PvP, and sometimes even custom weapons.

Have Server Suggestions? Vote For Rust Servers

What are the best rust servers in your opinion? This list is based on votes from Rust players.

Please let us know what you think! If you notice any discrepancies or know of a server that's not on the list, please let us know! We are always looking for the newest and best rust servers.

Published by Jack on August 28, 2022
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