Unturned Server Commands

This article consists of the top unturned server commands. If you are looking for a specific command to run on your Unturned server, this should help you find it!

What Are The Unturned Server Commands?

This section will examine some of the most commonly used Unturned server commands. These commands can use to manage your server, view statistics, and more.

We'll review the status command as our first command. This command can view your server's status, including information on the current map, player count, and more.

Next, we have the kick command. This command can use to kick a player from your server. It would help if you gave a justification for kicking the player.

The ban command is similar to the "kick" command but will permanently ban the player from your server. Again, you will need to provide a reason for banning the player.

Finally, we have the say command. You can use this command to deliver a message to every player on your server. This is an excellent way to inform gamers of updates or changes.


How to use the commands?

First, you must log in to your server's control panel to use the commands listed below. Once logged in, select the "Command Line Manager" tool. You can change the settings for any of the commands mentioned below by entering them. 

Commands are entered into the text box at the bottom of the Command Line Manager and are executed by pressing the "enter/return" key on your keyboard.

Help: This command will list all available server commands and their functions.

Shutdown: This command will gracefully shut down your server.

Restart: This command will restart your server.

Save: This command will save all current game data to disk.

Load : This command will load a specific game save from the disk.

What are the commands?

Assuming you're referring to in-game commands and not server console commands:

There are a few in-game commands that can be useful in Unturned. To access the command console, press the "~" key. This will create a text box where you can type in specific commands. A few of the most practical ones are listed below:

Admin: this will give you admin privileges on the server, allowing you to use banned items, place objects, etc.

Kick (player name) – this will kick the specified player from the server

Ban (player name) – Using this will prevent the player from playing on the server.

Give (player name) (item ID) – this will give the specified player the specified item (ID can find in-game by pressing F3)

Time – this will display the current game time.


Server Admin Commands

The takeaway from this article is that many commands are available for you to use on your Unturned server. However, it's crucial to remember that some of these commands could be hazardous if misused. Therefore, it's always best to consult the official documentation or ask for help from experienced server administrators before using any unknown commands.

Published by Jack Gibson on March 02, 2023
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