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Best 5 ARK Survival Evolved Hosting Servers

The primary systems in Ark revolve around gathering materials to craft. Pick up stones, pluck fiber from the area, and punch trees for wood to get the ingredients for a hatchet or a pick. Then you can utilize these to break down bigger rocks and bigger trees for more supplies. Build fires, cook food, drink water, and build a basic shelter to get through the first few days, then concentrate on the next stage of your survival: living easily. You can make yourself dresses, a house, irrigation pipes, and stronger weapons and traps to protect you, troughs, and seats for the dinosaurs you can tame (yep, you can tame and ride dinosaurs!), and so much more. Clearly, this takes a hell of a lot of time, so you’re going to have to be especially patient if you want to experience a comfortable life. When you surface up, you gain Engram Points, and that is how these items unlock for you to craft, but you nevertheless have to actually find the materials to craft.

Top ARK Servers

1.   SkyArk

This server was the just one I logged into that fortunately harbored creative and public building in full PvPvE conditions without breaking the flow of player-on-player combat.

I stood on a mission: to visit every state building on the server. After giving my first goal — an Arena atop the islands volcano — I found someone running on renovations.

Upon investigation, I found out that he was in charge of creating all the public buildings and he offered to take me on a tour. They had areas to park your water dinosaurs, a central trade center, an enormous bridge to that ghastly island in the North-East, and more places all built for the community to utilize. He even bestowed me a Zoo he was working on!

After the last station, I took off into the wilderness to create a base that no one would ever find. I headed to find a nice spot behind a couple of rocks and logged off after building a snug little hut. 

2.    Tekecraft

Logging into Tekecraft, I was shocked and delighted to find that I wasnt circled by terrifyingly high-level dinosaurs. Upon investigating the beaches, however, I immediately came across an Alpha Raptor terrorizing a few turtles on the shore across from me.

I mention the online players through global chat and a lady who was busy fixing up her own restaurant nearby grew to check it out. By the time she and her T-Rex arrived, it was too late — the Alpha Raptor had fled from my noob-ish presence.

After that, she escorted me back to her restaurant — or at least she tried to. I didnt exactly survive the trip. On the way, we were attacked by hordes of bugs. The T-Rex could handle herself against a few bugs, but once they set their sights on me it was all over from there.

From what I could gather, I logged on during a PvE week and many people were spending time repairing their structures and stock-piling provisions — basically planning for war.

3.    DM21 - Major League Survival

Logging into the hardcore server was pleasant. I recreated my character four times before writing this, and couldnt help but laugh at all of my losses. Even though the server boasts level 120 dinosaurs, the higher leveled beasts dont start showing up until you work your way interior.

The most interesting thing about DM21s server is the tamed dinosaur re-balances. In the vanilla game, tamed dinosaurs are overpowering and you dont really stand a chance without one. They are a lot weaker here, but the taming speeds are increased to make up for that.

DM21 also offers a full Relic of the Fittest tournament bracket called Major League Survival. This ranks players over 6 months of tournaments all leading up to a grand finale match with prizes for the top three contenders. 

4.   ARK Syn Survival

My time on Syns servers was largely spent on the main PvPvE one. The progression felt pretty natural for ARK, and a lot of people I met there were rather friendly.

I quietly used time building a base out in a clearing, and people would roll up on giant dinosaurs from time to time. They often brought gifts, too! Thats when I found out I built right next to their secondary base!

When I popped into the PvE server, I located the experience to be much different. Youre capped out at level 200 with Engram in the game unlocked. The rates were ludicrously high as well, all to provide a leisurely time for someone who just wants to get to know the game better.

5.   ARK Havoc

With all of the movements as boosted as they are, I thought it would be easy to get by, but the boosted dinosaur spawns quickly proved me wrong. Within only a few minutes of each respawn, I quickly found myself in the maws of yet another prehistoric beast.

That didnt stop me from leveling like a mad-woman though. I was level 12 before I knew it and had to seriously tone down my habit of over-gathering. I only needed to pick a few berry bushes and I could make myself a full set of clothes!

This server was all about getting to the action fast, and everyone was taking advantage of it. There is a heavy focus on end-game PvP, and everyone seemed to neglect anyone below level 40.

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