Day of Defeat Server Types

This list of Day of Defeat Server Types will assist you in finding exactly what you're searching for. It has a tidy collection of the most popular server types on one page, as well as additional information about each game mode. The list is organized into two columns to make it easier to locate whatever you want.

Day of Defeat Server Types and Day of Defeat Game Modes

The majority of servers include a variety of unique server types. The most notable type across all Day of Defeat Servers is PvP and PvE.

Day of Defeat PvP Servers

Player vs Player servers allow players to engage in combat with one another.

Most PvP Servers utilize either the Survival game mode or Hardcore game mode.

Day of Defeat PvE Servers

Day of Defeat PvE Servers are servers that are dedicated to player vs environment gameplay.

PvE Servers generally utilize the Survival game mode, but some use Adventure Mode or Hardcore Mode.

What is a Day of Defeat Server Type?

With millions of Day of Defeat servers to choose from, picking a specific game mode or server type can be confusing. A server type is the type of playstyle or experience you will encounter during your gameplay.

Some of the Best Day of Defeat Server Types or Day of Defeat Game Modes can be determined by the following factors:

  • The difficulty level in which you play on the Day of Defeat server
  • The way your character moves, interacts with other players and NPCs, or obtains items
  • The way you upgrade your Day of Defeat Experience

For additional information about the server types, view our blog here or experience them first hand for yourself by selecting a server and joining!

What are the Newest and Best Day of Defeat Types?

If you're new to Day of Defeat Server Types, you may be wondering what are the newest or best types?

The following is a list of Day of Defeat Server Types that are currently popular across thousands of servers.

Day of Defeat Roleplay Servers

This type of server emulates an entire world for players to interact with other players in unique roles.

Day of Defeat Adventure Map / Parkour Servers

These servers include an Adventure map or a parkour course for players to compete on.

Custom Day of Defeat Servers

These Day of Defeat servers are exactly as they sound. They are created by Day of Defeat users to fit their own specific vision of what a Day of Defeat server should be.

Can't Find The Correct Day of Defeat Server Type?

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