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Mafia 2 Multiplayer Server List

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Top 5 Mafia 2 Multiplayer Servers

If you are a gaming enthusiast, it is not possible that you are not aware of the Mafia trilogy. It is a famous action-adventure video game series based on the golden era of the American mafia.

Mafia 2 came up with significant upgrades. While playing Mafia 2, you will be able to explore the 1940s and 1950s era. The authentic characterization and a mature storyline are added in the game to enhance your gaming experience. You will be taking part in the car to car gunfights, hand to hand combats to escape from the mob. To add to the smoothness of the game, there will be no need for any loading time while traveling through amazing outdoor environments and complex interiors.

Mafia 2 in multiplayer mode.

Playing any video game in multiplayer mode has its own perks. Mafia 2 can be both be played in single and multiplayer mode.  You will be needing modification in your Mafia 2 PC game to play it in multiplayer mode. After this, you will be able to play Mafia 2 with your friends or other people from around the globe over the internet or a LAN. The max number of players you can play with will be 1000.

Best multiplayer servers for you to play Mafia 2:

Many websites are providing dedicated servers for Mafia 2 to play in multiplayer mode. The owner of these creates their own custom game modes using squirrel by which you will be able to do almost everything that you can do while playing on a single-player mode.

We have worked out and given below some of the best 5 multiplayer servers for Mafia 2 fans to provide the best possible gaming experience.

  • [EU/CZ]#90

It is one of the largest and most used servers for playing Mafia 2 in multiplayer mode. It is the Czech Republic based server. The IP address of the server is The max number of players that can play at a time is 100. It is a 24-hour active server with a studio built MMO with impressive detail making that makes it the most famous server for Mafia 2.


  • Oakwood Russia by Serzh Melhoir.

It is another popular server for Mafia 2. It allows a max of 64 online players at a time. The IP address of the server is and the game mode for it is freeride. In this server. Oakwood multiplayer modification is used which ensures a solid and rich gaming experience for gamers. You will also find it available 24/7.


RolePlay Empire Bay Times is another name that comes in the list of the top Mafia 2 multiplayer servers. The IP address and the gaming mode are and NCPR 1.4.0 respectively. The server provides you with a very pleasant experience for playing Mafia 2 in multiplayer mode. You will be able to compete with quite a skill pack of gamers from around the world.


  • Oakwood Testing session.

For having a smooth gaming experience while playing Mafia 2, another popular name is the Oakwood testing session. You will find it available at any time of the day. With Oakwood multiplayer modification, you will be offered a flexible modding API with a user-friendly and hassle-free gaming experience. The IP address of the server is and this server allows 64 players.


  • Lost Heaven FreeRoam.

Fancy some mob escape gaming experience and that too with the great gaming community? This server is for you. The multiplayer modification used in the server is Oakwood so you will not have to worry about any hassle. The IP address is The game mode is freeride. These things will ensure you to provide stunning beautiful sync in your gaming experience.

Method of joining these servers:

First of all, you will have to select a server according to your choice and copy its IP address. After starting the game, you will need to click on multiplayer and then will have to paste the IP address. Now after giving the name of the server, you are all good to go for your car to car and hand to hand gunfights with other gamers looking for the same thing.

Benefits of playing Mafia 2 on multiplayer servers:

Many gamers prefer multiplayer mode to single-player mode for playing Mafia 2. The following are reasons described why gamers opt for multiplayer servers for their gaming.

Authentic servers provide a reliable connection to enhance the gaming experience.

The best thing about the online servers available for Mafia 2 multiplayer mode is they provide you a better and reliable connection for your smooth gaming experience. With the help of low ping throughout your gaming session, you will be able to complete your missions without any fluctuation and disturbance. All these things add up with a friendly environment to make your gaming experience more amazing.

It is more exciting to play games on multiplayer servers.

Playing games is all about having a fun time. Playing Mafia 2 online on a multiplayer server is more exciting than playing it in single-player mode. The main reason for this is because you are going to have more competition while playing it with different gamers from different parts of the world. Either you will be fighting with other gamers or you will be collaborating with them to achieve common goals.

It helps in increasing the social circle and boosting confidence.

While playing on online servers, you get the chance to interact with gamers from around the world. This helps you a lot in making good friends from the other countries which will eventually result in increasing your social circle. Since you will be forming groups and becoming part of teams which sometimes can lead to some very interesting interactions.

In addition to all the above-mentioned things by competing with other gamers, you will also see a great boost in your confidence.

Final words.

Mafia 2 is a great action-adventure video game and playing it on a multiplayer server is surely going to be a fun experience. Gaming wise, you will learn different gaming tactics used by different gamers which will eventually increase your gaming skills.

If you are looking for the best and authentic multiplayer servers for Mafia 2 which can provide you the amazing gaming experience, this article will help you to walk through them.

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