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ARMA2 (Armed Assault 2) Server List

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Top 5 Arma 2 Servers

You can see Arma 2 as the ultimate tactics game. It offers realism, immense game worlds and numerous missions for you to enjoy. Playing this with friends is insanely fun as it provides you with a great experience. You will surely appreciate the wonderful, exciting game world created here.

Everything from the single-player to extra missions and mods are nicely designed. The multiplayer definitely manages to make the game shine, as it’s the epitome of action-packed, tactics filled war games.

A constant stream of new features and DLC provided by the developers keeps Arma 2 fresh and re-playable. Through Steam you are able to buy more vehicles for this game. This does to many seem like a slap in the face as they should have probably been included in the initial price tag (which isn’t on the cheap end of games).

While hyper-realistic and extremely difficult shooters are all the rage now with games like Squad and Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, the critically acclaimed Arma has the main tent pole of that sub-genre for a long time.

Offering more than just a gritty and difficult military experience, Arma is a franchise thats also always been known for its stellar mods, with titans like DayZ arriving in earlier series entries.

The games third installment is no exception -- and theres a reason why four years after its release, Arma 2 is still going strong on the mod front. Currently, players have access to more than 40,000 various map, item, scenario, and overhaul mods across the Steam Workshop and various modding sites.


1. Grand The Theft Arma

Grand Theft Arma is one of the largest Arma 2 communities in the world and the reason for that is your support both financially and by playing here every day.

A community at our scale has a very large and expensive infrastructure that needs to be covered monthly in order for us to remain alive, thats where the players come in and help us with it. Our current setup consists of multiple dedicated servers which are very pricey, not to mention the tools, software and licenses we need to keep the community going.


2. Official Arma 2 Servers

This isn’t one particular server specifically, but rather, a whole bunch of them. The servers with “OFFICIAL” in their name means that they’re being hosted by the actual developers of Arma 2, pretty cool huh? The official servers are some of the best in the game, mainly because of the game modes and great performance.


3. Volition Servers Invade & Annex

Invade and Annex servers put you in an awesome co-op multiplayer experience with a ton of other players (Sometimes up to 80 or more). This mode is pretty cool, essentially, it’s you (players) vs bots, and the main goal of the game mode is to fight for control over the entire map by taking entire cities and towns.


4. CodeFourGaming – King Of The Hill 

This is a server for the popular game mode in Arma 2, King of The Hill. Basically, 3 teams fight for control over one area and must stay inside the area to win. Because the action is so focused in one area, it is super-fast paced, intense, and honestly just a whole lot of fun. The team with the most people inside the zone earns points, which contributes to their victory. The first team to 100 points will win the match.


5. The Trailer Park Wasteland

Wasteland servers are essentially a huge team deathmatch with a ton of players. 3 sides must scavenge for resources, and fight each other to gain the advantage.

The gap between the price of the best and the cheapest providers of Arma 2 game hosting on this page is huge. Currently, the provider we have marked as the best (due to history and how established the company is) is 4 times the price of the cheapest. That provider has a good track history, though nowhere near as aged.

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They are able to provide a high-quality service thanks to the higher prices it charges. The backing company that started them is one of the biggest web hosting and data-center owning companies in the world.